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WELL MB01 Complete package

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A replica for snipers created by WELL in order to unite the best aspects of the models marketed by them in a single platform. The design of the body is a modern design meant to improve its maneuverability. The body is made of plastic and ABS.

Package includes: rifle replica, cleaning rod, tactical strap, ball feeder, riflescope, bipod and a charching with a capacity of 30 balls 6 mm.

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Descrierea Produsului

ABS De distanta Metal

Short history

The rifle Accuracy international Arctic Warfare or shortly L96 was designed and manufactured by the English company Accuracy International starting with the 80's in order to replace Lee-Enfield, which had already become far too old compared to modern technology. The weapon itself is designed to operate in areas with extreme low temperatures. The original model called L96A1 has benefited from improvements over time, changing to AW or Arctic Warfare. This rifle has managed to easily impress users, being quick apreciated after it's launch among law enforcement because of its precision and reliability.


This airsoft replica is based on a rifle and this rifle is based on the elements of several existing platforms. It's receiver is the same as for hunting rifles, the barrel is like the military ones and the body presents a modern and innovative design. Its design is meant to provide good maneuverability and stability during it's operation. The firing and the barrel system itself tends to copy the series based on the famous L96 or Artic Warfare, but the resemblance stops here.

Airsoft replica exterior

This replica has a body made of high quality ABS plastic and is fastened with screws both between the panels and the receiver. The external barrel, flash-hider and receiver or cylinder support are made of metal. The replica has a balanced weight due to the well-balanced stock. Body shape is extremely comfortable in the most sitting positions. In the supperior part of the body there is a rail on which the riflescope is mounted and in the lower part of the front is attached the bipod that will give it the ideal stability. The riflescope and the bipod are included in the package.

Airsoft replica interior

To operate the replica it does not need gas, co2, electric current, heat, beating or other external power sources. The replica has manual charging , action that feeds the ball and tense the intern spring that will generate the airflow needed to expel the bb. The simple system will allow it to be used in any kind of weathering. Low / high temperatures, extreme humidity, and so on. The mechanism of the replica or trigger box mechanism is made of ABS plastic and successfully resists the spring fitted. The pin that retains the piston is made of metal. The cylinder is made of aluminum and the piston set is made of plastic ABS. The replica's speed is about 135-140 m / s measured with bb's of 0.20g. Concidering the speed, we recommend using bbs with higher weights. This platform is not 100% upgraded to the official platforms such as Tokyo Marui or Maruzen.

Airsoft replica feeding

The replica is delivered un-assembled, in the package there are all the tools necessary to fit it and its accessories. It is important not to hurry the assembling process because you risk failing the threads. Avoid disassembly and excessive assembly of the replica as this process can endangering the integrity of the threads. In the package there is a replica, cleaning rod, tactical strap, ball feeder and a charger with a capacity of 30 balls of 6mm. It is recommended to use high quality balls for optimum performance. Do not reuse the balls and do not use balls of poor quality because the replica may fail.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Well
Length 1150 mm
Materials used ABS, Metal
Velocity 140 - 145 m/s
Fire mode Manual
Propulsion Spring
Package Replica, Incarcator 25 bile, luneta, sistem sine, bipod
Warranty period Replica 6 luni
Product Code A7982
Weight 4.2000


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