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G&P Accumulator nimh 9.6v 2300mAh crane x3

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Quality accumulator manufactured by G&P. This accumulator has 9.6V and a 2300mAh capacity. Its unique shape allows mounting on SOPMOD type stocks.

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Regular Price: €44.39

Now only: €29.90

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Regular Price: €44.39

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Descrierea Produsului

Acumulator NiMh


Accumulator type NiMH or Nichel Metal Hybrid, manufactured by G & P with 8 cells resulting 9.6V and 2300 mAh capacity. This type of accumulator is made of 3 modules: 2 modules of 3 cells and one module with 2 cells linked by a durable plastic frame. Its uniq shape allows mounting on SOPMOD type stocks. The accumulator is provided with Deans type plug.


  • Nickel-Metal-Hybrid (NiMH) accumulator can be extremely dangerous.
  • The user needs to ensure all precaution for: a possible fire, injury and property damage.
  • In case of improper use, damage or manufacturing defect,NiMH accumulators can cause explosion, fire, smoke and risk of intoxication.
  • By purchasing this type of batteries the user takes responsibility for any risks associated with the NiMH accumulators.
  • NiMH batteries are not toys so children should be out of reach because the batteries represent a real threat to their health.
  • NiMH batteries should not be thrown in the fire, place on oven or microwave because they could explode.
  • NiMH batteries can give harmful chemical substances.
  • Do not try to charge mechanically or chemically damaged battery.

Actions that lead to damage of the battery

  • Coupling in series or in parallel of a cell or other accumulator even if apparently are similar.
  • Exceeding the maximum and minimum operating voltages.
  • A decrease or increase of temperature outside permitted limits.
  • Too high charging current.
  • Short-circuiting accumulator poles.
  • Subjecting the battery to mechanical shocks such as droping, hitting, bending, cutting, twisting, deformation or drilling .
  • Liquid contact.
  • Improper improvisation of a equipment for charging the battery.
  • Using improper or improvised charging cables.

General information

  • NiMH accumulators are composed of cells.
  • Each NiMH accumulator is connected to a charge plug which in most cases will be used for charging it.
  • It is recommended to charge the accumulator with a charger equipped with automatic stop of charging.
  • Charge current should not exceed 50% of the total capacity of the battery.
  • Depending on the number of cells is given the nominal voltage of the battery (7 cells = 8.4V, 8 cells = 9.6V).
  • Each cell has a maximum voltage of 1.4V not to be exceeded when charging and the minimum voltage must not fall below 0.84V.
  • It is recommended to charging NiMH batteries with a current as small as possible.
  • It is recommended that charging and discharging cycles to be accurate.

Airsoft6 can not have the certainty that you use the correct methods of exploitation and you have respected the terms of charging, disrcharging or storage of NiMH and NiCD accumulators. For this reason, we reserve the right to refuse replacement, as warranty of the battery used incorrectly (which contravenes instructions and warnings above) and we are not responsible for property damage, moral or loss of human lives.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer G&P
battery Type Ni-MH
Battery shape Crane
Voltage 9.6 V
Capacity 2300 mAh
Battery connector Deans Large
Length 2x 145mm / 1x 110mm
Width 19.5mm
Height -
Product Code A6815
Weight 0.3650
Warranty period 90 zile


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